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How do I instal an hymatic with two or more boxes in one pool, as a line or in parallel ?
Date: 2019-08-20
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Author: Hymatic
For the SMART PRO 400 models

For the SMART PRO 400 models, which provide two electrode-carrying boxes.

What needs to be kept firmly in mind is that the recirculation flow must not decrease.
It is essential to consider the diameter of the recirculation pipe in relation to the time required for complete recirculation. We must instal the number of chambers required in order that all pool-water will pass through the chambers, and so that the circulation flow shall not fall below <10%, as a by-pass and in parallel.

For example, we recommend using PVC pipes:

Pipe ≤ 75 mm 1 chamber or 2, in line
Pipe 90 to 140 mm minimum 2 chambers in parallel
Pipe 140 ≤ 225 mm minimum 3 chambers in parallel
Pipe 225 ≤ 300 mm minimum 4 chambers in parallel

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