• Drinking Water
  • Swimming pools and Spas
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling Towers

The option for safe, effective and environmentally friendly water treatment
Hymatic provides a practical solution for water-treatment problems, and offers an excellent alternative to conventional water-treatment systems. By making use of ecological technology, use of chemicals is kept to the minimum. In this way a water quality is obtained that’s safe for humans and the environment alike. The basis of our solutions is an advanced method of disinfection and oxidation: ABOT (Advanced Bipolar Oxidation Technology). This patented ecological method of water treatment, developed by our R&D department, enables us to provide top quality water energy efficiently, without use of chlorine or chlorine-like products.

Hymatic was developed in order to apply this technology: advanced, compact equipment as an alternative to conventional water-treatment systems. Hymatic comprises a control panel and a U-shaped tube, inside which the Hymatic and copper electrolysis process takes place. With the Hymatic product-line any type of water can be disinfected effectively, while maintaining high water quality.

Hymatic can be used for:
 ■ Swimming pools and Spas
 ■ Drinking water
  Cooling towers

The use of our ABOT-based products offers the following advantages:
 ■ Reduction or total absence of ‘disinfection byproducts’ in swimming water
 ■ Improvement of air quality of indoor pools
 ■ Restriction or removal of biofilm in drinking water systems and cooling towers
 ■ Combats formation of lime deposits (calcification) in drinking water systems and cooling towers